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LFI Founder Rod Jahner is authoring his first book, working title

“Train ‘Em Old School”.

Years of observing what works so very well in training has taught Rod that some things never change, and the book is the result of the collective wisdom (if he can be so bold) which should be shared with like minded managers eager to improve the effectiveness of their managers in a measurable fashion.


Part of the forward for the book is below. Feel free to prod the author a bit to get this project finally, mercifully, done.


Better yet, tell him you’d like a copy. For a nominal fee of course.



Excerpt from the Introduction to “Train ‘Em Old School”


Fast forward to today’s teaching environment, where quality of learning is the product of active interaction between subject matter experts and students, much like it has been since the days of my Mom’s one room school house. There is a reason that the Milken Foundation has awarded over $60 million to teachers across the land. They simply are recognizing exceptional people for their ability to connect with their students. Sadly today’s corporations often place this fundamental need low on their priority list. Believe me, the benefit of bringing groups of people together for the sole purpose of raising their game through some level of training interaction never gets old, and the benefits, while sometimes difficult at best to measure, never go away.


Let’s get to it. What follows in this book is essentially 80-10-10.


Between the three, the goal is that you learn something that you can apply to your world, broaden your perspective beyond the mundane nature that this topic can so often take, and have a laugh or two along the way.

A Book In Process