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Nic Couldrey - Head of Credit Operations, Barclays Bank:

Rod is a world class trainer…leveraged his detailed experiences in the US mortgage crisis…Rod can be relied upon to deliver interactive training with real examples, case studies and simulations.  He attracts senior subject matter experts to join the faculty thus ensuring excellent results.  I can thoroughly recommend his work; he helped develop a programme from scratch and provided support through final implementation. His course received exceptional satisfaction ratings from participants across the world. We could not have done this without his tireless support and dedication. Thank you Rod.”

Bob Swelgin - Vice President Asia and President India/China, Tyco Flow Control; CEO, American Racing Equipment; CEO, RAD Electronics:

“I have known Rod on a personal and business level since we met in Asia as expatriates over 13 years ago. Rod has the unique ability to bring specific formal training to a friendly personal level that maximizes results. His training ability as well as business/financial expertise delivers the development and process improvement required in all business structures.  Rod also applies his skills outside of business in community service activities. His value and contributions leave their positive mark in all of his ventures both business and charity.

“I look to utilize Rod in my executive development, succession planning, recruiting and business process efforts. Rod will add value to any improvement process.”

Shantanu Mitra - Regional Credit Officer, Standard Chartered Bank:

“I’ve known Rod for some 15 years having worked with him in 2 different organizations. In both organizations, he was in charge of Risk Training and I was a trainer for several of the courses run by him. Clearly well versed in his field - he not only put together the course material but also organized the courses very well indeed. The courses included those for senior staff and got very high approval ratings from participants. Rod is a pleasure to interact with and his sense of humour is legendary for many of us who were fortunate to work with him.”

Art Wernicke - Retired, Citibank:

“I worked with Rod for a number of years as we went around the world training Citibankers in retail lending. I found Rod to be unusually proficient at the task - he understood how to communicate with different audiences, he was diligent in his preparation of materials and he worked tirelessly to be sure that the training principles were delivered clearly.  

“Over the years we worked together I found that I turned over to Rod ever increasing responsibilities because of his extraordinary skills in the field of credit training. I strongly believe that anyone who has the chance to be involved with Rod would benefit greatly.”


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