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Choosing the target audience, attention to participant expertise, selection of teams for simulation and case study exercises, proper course administration and venue, and senior management support are all critical to a robust experience for all.  During the course, the opportunity to present results formally to the class is highly encouraged.  Immediate critique of results enhances the course impact.


Course delivery must have an exacting protocol to ensure effectiveness.  

We provide guidelines for:


Instructors.  Ideally the course is delivered by a facilitator who manages the course and delivers simulation and/or case studies, and multiple subject matter expert instructors for module delivery and/or case studies.  


Administration.  On-site administrative staff covers venue logistics, setup, materials development and distribution, participant testing, cost management and removing distractions to the learning environment.


Venue.  Venue size, room layout, equipment needs and on site amenities must be done professionally and consistently from course to course.

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