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There are four levels of measuring success in training.  While we have generated them all, it is rare to move beyond Level 3.  


Level 1.  Participant satisfaction is measured through end of course surveys.  The most basic of results, where high standards must be set and achieved.


Level 2.  Participant knowledge gained is measured through a battery of tests, both daily and at the end of the course, which focus on key takeaways.  Participants either pass or fail the course.  Success rates have been excellent and management takes note of the results.


Level 3.  Whether participant behavior changed is measured through surveys after the fact to both participants and their supervisors.  Very promising results have been observed in general management and specific skill training with quantifiable outcomes, such as Collections and Operations.


Level 4.  Whether there was a measurable monetary benefit as a result of the training. While the most difficult to measure, we have had successes:  

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