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We have all of the elements for comprehensive, effective training programs.


We also help clients to become more self-sufficient in course delivery, through an instructor base of knowledgeable internal subject matter experts.  

Instructors complete a one day Train-The-Trainer including:


It all adds up to a trio of compatible tools for a robust learning experience:

  1. Certified trainers generate participant interaction in the classroom by drawing participants into discussions on lecture materials
  2. Case studies created from past experiences within the company bring real life examples that are compatible with the lectures
  3. Simulation moves participants toward a numbers based discipline to maximize results. And they have fun in the process.


And the results?

Participants leave  with a sound understanding of risk and a network of contacts.

Senior management sees the value and becomes key to the process.

Becoming a subject matter expert (SME) trainer places managers in an elite category of mentorship in the organization.

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